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Native and certified French teacher for adults, individual or group lessons online: exam preparation, certificates. Coaching for all levels online. Beginner, advanced, business French, conversation, small talk, learn with fun.

Jean-Michel FRUS, your personal native French language tutor

Learn French without applications, without artificial intelligence, without automated programs.

The program: practice French with fun with a trained native language teacher (Master in FLE, French as a Foreign Language) with 20 years of experience all over the world. A combination of proven methods prepares you for all situations. All levels.


French courses

I offer individual and group courses with innovative methods based on my experience, for all levels.

From beginners to DELF/DALF preparation courses, including conversation. The teaching is varied.

Targeted teaching

The classic teaching program includes comprehension activities (oral and written), grammar and expression activities (oral and written) as well as simulations of everyday situations adapted to your specific needs. Depending on your preferences, we can also learn by singing, philosophising or doing creative writing exercises.
I offer special phonetic training.
This course allows you to prepare yourself specifically for a holiday or a professional stay in a French-speaking country, for example.

Thanks to my many years of experience, I have been able to develop a special methodology to make learning French easier for you.

Videoconference courses:

A french coach

My course offer

French courses for all occasions: for business, exam preparation, French for travel or for love!
In the course of my career, I have given numerous French courses for beginners and conversation, I have carried out refresher courses, continuous training and I have prepared people for specific applications such as travel to France or negotiations with French business partners.

Courses for beginners

Long experience in this field, including online, allows me to maintain a high level of motivation from the beginning, and to ensure that the basics are not forgotten!

Conversation courses

« Let’s talk ». Topics are chosen according to your interests and needs. During the conversation I usually take notes on points that are the subject of a recap at the end of the course.

Courses for specific situations (FOS)

Often my clients need special preparation, e.g. for holidays, for an exam or a job interview, for a relationship.

Business French

Achieve your goals in business negotiations, job interviews, presentations or even « just » chatting in front of the coffee machine or in a restaurant about society or life in general.

My method of teaching French

Less ready-made recipes, more lived experience!

My teaching philosophy: we get to know each other, discuss your goals, assess your current level if necessary and choose together the right strategies to reach these goals in the most amusing way possible. My experience and your preferences and interests guide us in this process. I know and master both classical and modern methods, which allows me to use them as a basis or to forget them, depending on your needs. What is decisive for me is always the personal exchange. Nothing is more effective for learning a language than an individual and interesting experience.
Why is that? Because you learn much better when you have had fun learning something that is interesting and useful for you.
Therefore, in my courses there is room to try out different learning activities and to be guided from time to time by common intuition and creativity.

The learning process

In principle, the learning process in my courses is divided into three phases: Understanding, practicing and producing. For beginners in particular, what is already known is the starting point for learning new things. For more advanced students, the teaching is more oriented to their abilities and goals. The methods I use most often are spontaneous and intuitive conversation on the basis of real documents (current texts from newspapers or books, radio programmes, films, YouTube videos, etc.) and the simulation of real experiences. The choice of topics is always oriented towards the field of application (e.g. French for holidays, business negotiations, conversation with in-laws…). In this way, the knowledge acquired is directly linked to the relevant social experience and can be easily recalled when needed. Improving pronunciation is always central for all levels. But the most important thing for me is to organise the lessons in such a way that we have fun learning together!

Professeur de Français

Your French language coach

I was born and raised in Nîmes in the south of France. I am a native French speaker. I studied French as a foreign language (FLE) after studying philosophy and obtained two masters in these disciplines at the University of Montpellier. My motivation was to discover other cultures and to share my own with others. In 20 years of teaching French, I have worked in 5 countries (Azerbaijan, Germany, Argentina, Brazil, Italy). This has allowed me to discover many professional situations, to acquire a unique life experience and to learn the languages of these countries. This experience allows me to adapt perfectly to the needs of learners from very different backgrounds.

I am fluent in Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, English and German, which allows me to facilitate the teaching of French to speakers of these languages, especially to beginners.

It also allows me to teach in a contrastive way, creating relationships with other languages the learner knows.

My career

My jobs as a freelance teacher

Online and seasonal teacher in Berlin (for the Free University, FU)

Serving institutions (French Institute, universities, German Ministry)

University of Aosta

Self-employed and various employers

Self-employed and various employers

Self-employed and various employers

9 months internship in universities

Degree in French teaching (Master in FLE)

Start teaching French

Degree in philosophy (Master)

My client references:

Numerous language schools and companies, most recently: the French Institute Berlin, the Free University (FU) Berlin, the Technical University (TU) Berlin, the Robert-Koch Institut, The German Foreign Office.

For detailed information:


A first meeting of 30 minutes is free.

From 35 € to 50 € per hour depending on the service and level required.

Maximum number of participants: 7 people.

A package of 10 lessons is possible.


E-mail :

Phone : +49 15758583905 / +39 3485144679


SIRET number (Steuernummer) 14/296/01733

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